According to Thursday’s press release (September 22), personal finance company Achieve is leading people on a better financial path this month, moving from financially struggling to financially thriving. We have launched a series of new services designed to guide you. ).

According to the release, Achieve combines innovative technology with a relationship-driven approach. The company says its solutions support the consumer’s entire financial journey, including personal loans, debt consolidation, home equity loans, financial tools and education.

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Co-founded by co-CEOs Andrew Hauser When blood straw, Achieve is a subsidiary of the Freedom Financial Network they founded. The network has served more than 1 million consumers since 2002, according to a release.

“When we started the company, it was the majority of financial services companies focused on helping consumers better manage their debt or deal with financial setbacks. “It was based on the realization that we weren’t there,” Hauser said. “At the time, it was clear that we needed a new approach.

“The traditional financial system and most consumer fintech still target the wealthiest people with no credit history. We understand that life is not always the best-case scenario. And that’s why we built Achievement to be the leader in digital personal finance for everyday people.”

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Achieve said it takes a people-first approach, using data and artificial intelligence to personalize solutions and provide each member with a “clear path” to follow their financial journey.

“For 20 years, we have been a financial services leader at heart helping consumers manage their financial lives,” said Stroh. Their unique situation, personalized solutions, and the path to a better financial future. ”

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