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do you use them?

Key Point

  • Target is known for its wide selection and competitive pricing.
  • When you shop at Target, you get great perks like Price Match and Rain Check.

Target has long been a consumer favorite, not just because of its affordability, but because of its impressive array of products. ? Target can make it happen.

But even if you tend to shop a lot at Target, you may be missing out on lesser-known perks that big box retailers offer.

1. Target matches lower prices you find elsewhere

Target prides itself on competitive pricing. So if you see a better price advertised in another store and want to make just one trip, Target is your It’s worth seeing what they can do for you.

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2. Save big with Target RedCard

There are two types of Target RedCards: debit cards and credit cards. And both offer one important perk. Save 5% on Target purchases. So if you don’t have a RedCard, there is a fee to sign up.

If you already have a lot of credit cards, we recommend sticking to the debit card version. Similarly, if you’re applying for a large loan, such as a mortgage, quickly, the debit card version might be for you.

Whichever version you choose, getting a RedCard gives you added benefits like extra time to return unwanted items and free shipping within two days of your online purchase. Also, there are no fees for either the debit RedCard or credit card versions.

3. Target can be used as a personal ATM

There are things in life that have to be paid for in cash. However, going to the bank can be inconvenient if it’s not in the same area as your other errands. However, if you have the debit card version of RedCard, you can use Target as your personal ATM to receive up to $40 in cash when checking out your purchases.

4. You can request a rain check

Target offers a lot of great deals. But sometimes those deals are so good that other customers scoop them up before they even have a chance. so you can get the discounted items at a lower price when the stock returns.

Are you getting the most out of Target?

Shopping at Target is definitely convenient and can save you a lot of money (if you stick to your shopping list and don’t fall prey to impulse purchases). But taking advantage of these lesser-known perks can also be beneficial.

At the same time, be sure to check out Target’s weekly deals that you can access online.

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