Step into the world of personal finance and you’ll find many questions that are the subject of endless debate.How much of your income should you save? Are you okay with taking on debt? Which is better, renting or owning a home? When it comes to the stock market, should you buy dips?

On his blog, About Dollars and Data, my guest cuts through the noise of personal finance by finding answers based on numbers, not guesses, and translating this research into advice the average person can understand. I’m here. His name is Nick Maggiulli, Chief Operating Officer at Ritholtz Wealth Management and data his scientist, Just Keep Buying: Proven Ways to Save Money and Build WealthOn today’s show, Nick explains what the data tells us about how we should approach the questions I’ve already mentioned. He also explains how to use the “2X rule” to spend money without feeling guilty, his three criteria that must be met before even considering buying a home, and the idea of ​​”dollar cost averaging.” It also explains the best way to approach them. We end the conversation with the right mindset for adapting to a volatile economy.

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