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A Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon Admits Something Amazing GQ magazine: he claims so A significant portion of the patients are employees of technology companies such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Meta.

The doctor’s name is Kevin Devipershad and he Rimplast Xis a clinic that performs leg lengthening surgery by implanting a titanium pin into the intramedullary canal of the bone to lengthen the leg. This is a serious operation, but it usually only requires one 1-inch incision and for femoral lengthening he makes three 1/2-inch incisions. Tibia lengthening must be done later if the patient wishes to increase their height by up to 6 inches and requires two additional small incisions to implant the device.

The cost of the surgery depends on how many inches the patient wants to grow, but between $70,000 and $150,000, you can return to your normal life in as little as two weeks after surgery (yes, you’ll grow taller ).

The surgery involves breaking the femur, inserting pins, and using a magnetic system to extend the pins in small increments each day to the desired height (3 to 6 inches). The process takes about a year from start to finish, after which from $14,000 he has the pins removed at an additional cost of $20,000.

Debiparshad serves patients from a variety of industries, but is dominated by technology-related employees. I joke that I could open a tech company.” said the doctor GQ. We have 20 software engineers here in Vegas doing this step right now. Yesterday there was a girl from PayPal. Patients come from Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft. Multiple patients came from Microsoft. “

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