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Have you ever strayed from your usual shopping list?

Key Point

  • Many people turn to Costco for bulk groceries and household essentials.
  • I usually buy there, but sometimes they open a store.
  • You might be surprised to learn that Costco also sells toilets and chainsaws.

You can save your family money by shopping at Costco every week, but things can easily go the other way. Costco’s warehouses are loaded with everything from outerwear to toys to seasonal d├ęcor. So it’s pretty easy to run a ton of credit card tabs while shopping.

Most of the time I’m pretty disciplined when it comes to shopping at Costco. I usually make a grocery list I need and stick to it. I limit myself to products, cases of snacks, etc. (This may seem like an unnecessary purchase, but in reality, it’s my children who are always snacking and their constant hunger. is a must for my friend) ).

From time to time, I add other items to my Costco list to meet my specific needs. For example, buy Halloween costumes for your kids (most of the time it’s the cheapest option if your kids aren’t picky) or stock up on things. food storage containers, etc. These purchases may seem pretty mundane. But I actually bought some pretty weird stuff at Costco.

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1. Inflatable Kayak

My family is pretty outdoorsy and my husband and I have rented kayaks many times and enjoy fun outings on the water. A few years ago we decided to invest in our own inflatable kayak.

Unfortunately, we didn’t like the kayak and ended up returning it (and thankfully Costco took it back). But in some ways it was a good thing. Because given the amount of time we spend kayaking, it probably makes sense to save a little more than you would use on a rental and invest in something better.


My husband and I purchased a new home 13 years ago and have since had to do a few updates. That included replacing a constantly leaking toilet. Years ago, we learned that Costco deals aren’t limited to fruit, cheese, and deli meats. You can even get a toilet at a discounted price if you want.

3. chainsaw

I’m probably the clumsiest person I know, but thankfully my husband is good at fixing things around the house and making home improvements. I needed a chainsaw for a project. And, of course, I ended up buying it at Costco because the price was right.

Granted, I wasn’t deeply involved in the purchase just because I couldn’t explain why one chainsaw was better than another. increase.

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You can avoid running out of budget at Costco by limiting your purchases to things like groceries and household items. . And if the price works, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

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