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Most companies start out with entrepreneurs at the helm and grow into family-owned businesses within a few years. From small businesses to big companies like Adani and Ambani, these are all Indian companies that have branched out from their family tree. Every year Entrepreneur embarks on a journey to find new-age entrepreneurs who develop new growth strategies.To the New Chapter These Entrepreneurs Are Beginning

navya naveri nanda

For the public, the easiest way to introduce 24-year-old Navya Naveri Nanda is as the granddaughter of legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan.

But for those who know her and the life-changing work she does, it may serve as a lesson in how to use your power and influence to do good. Co-founder of startups Aara Health and Project Naveli, also non-profit. Aara Health is a women-centric healthtech company focused on building, creating and delivering scientifically backed and affordable health care products and services for women in India. Meanwhile, Project Naveli’s aim is to build a world of gender equality by giving women access to resources and opportunities. This leads to economic and social development.

Aara Health was born out of a personal experience with her co-founder, a young Indian woman who faced stigma when it came to women’s health and hygiene. Meanwhile, Navya’s project Naveli was started as a result of realizing that with privilege comes great responsibility.

“I have been fortunate to be given more than I deserve. This fight for gender equality cannot be won if only one of us succeeds, but we all must collectively You win if you succeed in ,” explains Navya.

Contrary to what most people believe, Navya grew up in Delhi where business was the main occupation of the family. Her father Nikhil Nanda is her third generation head of Escort Her Kubota, a family farm machinery company. “I grew up listening to his conversations with my father about business. My father was an entrepreneur and a businessman. I was about to start my own career, and I think the entrepreneurial spirit and genes run very deep within me, so it was a natural career path,” she says.

All of this resulted in two organizations she started for social good. Aara Health is a platform for speaking out about topics that have always been taboo, but one of her most significant initiatives with Project Naveli was the menstruation campaign. For World Menstrual Hygiene Day 2022, they painted her 15-foot wall mural in the middle of a busy street in Mumbai to raise awareness and make public places period-friendly. A question she has to ask often would be something like the influence her superstar grandfather had on her. The biggest thing I’ve learned is discipline.He’s one of the most disciplined people I’ve met in my life.I strive to absorb it and use it in my professional life.His Hunger and motivation know no bounds.

Going forward, Navya will continue to innovate, disrupt and create solutions for consumers. Looking to the growing women’s wellness market, exploring the healthcare services we can offer women, while aiming to be the ultimate end-to-end her solutions provider, is Navya’s future goal.

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