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September 20, 2022, Melbourne, Florida, USA
Contact: JC Cunningham 319-361-1372
ConnectionsGRP Launches Sales and Marketing Module
Vacation Sales Connect (VS Connect©) Captures Leads Through New Channels
Increase conversions for existing customers

ConnectionsGRP, which helps properties digitize and personalize their internal and external guest communication journeys, has announced the latest modules in its Connections collection of communication solutions.

ConnectionsGRP designs, develops and deploys innovative communication technology solutions. Its platform works with Syniverse technology to enable full integration with all mobile messaging channels such as text, WhatsApp, chat, and established voice channels for any company.

ConnectionsGRP CEO Anthony Link said: This method was expensive, cumbersome, and increasingly flagged as spam due to new telephony phone technology. Contact rates decreased month-over-month and phone numbers were reported more frequently. ”

ConnectionsGRP’s internal research found that in one particular case, the email open rate was less than 16%, the outbound call contact rate was 12%, and the inbound rate attributed to marketing was less than 3%.

Rapid consumer adoption and engagement reduced reliance on email to drive marketing by 60%. As reported by Connections GRP, clients allocated more resources to handle text-based conversations. With VS Connect, the overall first contact rate increased from 12% before the new module was adopted to 28%. Since the integration, 85% of all sales have involved text messages.

ConnectionsGRP senior vice president James (“JC”) Cunningham said: From that point on, messages can flow through the hub and communicate with almost any department, including conversational sales teams, scheduling teams, core sales teams, and more. Businesses looking to effectively engage their guests in smart and meaningful ways should schedule a demo of the Connections omnichannel solution to learn more about integrating voice, text and chat over existing communication systems. It is recommended. ”

Connection GRP
ConnectionsGRP is designed to offer a more consultative approach to resorts/vacation rentals/properties that want to effectively engage their guests in a smart and meaningful way. The company’s CPaaS technology facilitates omnichannel communication across the guest journey, from booking to guest remarketing, providing a competitive edge with modular multi-touch ComTech solutions.

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