By Carolina Maciel and Jocelyn Reyes, September 20, 2022

The School of Business Welcome Week, which ended on September 15th, brought together over 100 students to explore a variety of clubs, organizations and networking opportunities.

After a temporary hiatus due to COVID-19, CBA held one of its first in-person fairs, bringing internships, mentorship, and networking opportunities.

The event was open to all students and featured and offered giveaways and activities. WhatGet professional headshots from the Poly Lens club.

According to ASI Business Senator Naman Pandadiya, the CBA fair will benefit current and future students. Pandadiva said one of his biggest advantages is that students can learn about what the club has to offer.

“Being a freshman is hard work, but it’s fulfilling and fulfilling work,” says Pandadiva. “After completing the course and assignments, you will immediately see the fruits of your hard work and how often you can implement it in your life.”

According to Juritza Mata, a business major and member of the American Marketing Association, the fair is an opportunity for students to meet and network with other people who share the same interests.

“There are a lot of networking opportunities at the AMA,” says Mata. “We hold a lot of conferences.

There are 20 registered business clubs and the number continues to grow each month.. One of the most popular clubs was the Student Managed Investment Club, where students learn how to invest, raise money, and the stock market. Another prominent club was the Real Estate Association, which focused on property tours and guest speakers.

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The College of Business Admissions Fair isn’t just for business majors. Mata encouraged other majors to see what the clubs participating in the fair had to offer.

“We are open to all majors. There are a few people I know on our e-board, one is a political science major. Communications majors are welcome too. I think any major would really benefit from that,” Mata said.

As this is one of the first face-to-face trade fairs since the pandemic, the Department of Management is very excited to welcome a fresh face-to-face.

According to Andrew Cornejo, a finance, real estate and law major and member of the Finance Society, the club fair has many benefits and tips.

“Our club offers resume workshops, and I think this is the best we offer. ‘ said Cornejo.

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