6 steps to create your identity

No brand is complete without a memorable image. Can you imagine Smokey the Bear’s “Prevent Wildfires” campaign? How about crime prevention ads without Scruff McGruff?

The dream of every nonprofit marketer is to create a brand image that is as memorable as it is, but as Philip Kotler and Nancy Lee write in Marketing in the Public Sector, organizations start this process You need to narrow down your goals. Instead, the two marketing professionals urged marketers to follow her six steps to create a brand identity.

  • Establish brand purpose: Ensure that your brand’s marketing purpose is related to supporting your organization, participating in programs, using services, and influencing people to comply with guidelines and laws. please.
  • Identify your brand’s target audience: Many people in the general public will be exposed to your brand, but you should design with a specific group of people in mind.
  • Articulate your desired brand identity: This is your chance to imagine how you expect your target audience to react. Type the following sentences and judge the answers. “I want my target audience to see my brand as ______.”
  • Create a brand promise: Focus on the benefits of your target audience, not your agency.
  • Determine your brand’s position against competition: First, challenge yourself to identify your direct and indirect competitors.
  • Choosing branding elements: What names, slogans, logos, and colors are associated with your brand?

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