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There is a charge to add these to the list.

Key Point

  • Sometimes it’s good to spend money to make life more manageable.
  • These products can be game-changers for your schedule, comfort and wellness.

I’m not the type to spend money easily. Of course, we will read credit cards and process bills at supermarkets if necessary. Because I have to feed my family. But I tend to be more cautious when it comes to buying treats and luxury items.

Still, there are certain splurges that are worth the money. Here are a few things you might want to consider. Especially since you can buy them all for less than $100.

1. White noise machine

If you’re a light sleeper like me, sharing a bedroom or bed with a partner (or in my case, a spouse and a large dog) can make it hard to wake up. But a $30-$40 investment can change things. That’s what you pay for a quality white noise machine that drowns out the sound of your spouse’s heavy breathing and makes falling asleep easier.

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2. Slow cooker

As a full-time working parent, I know what it’s like to be busy. I also know what it’s like to be away from home between 4pm and 7pm. Because your kids have tons of after school activities and it’s your responsibility to move around town and deliver to all the kids.

That’s why my slow cooker is one of the best I’ve ever purchased. For $20 to $50, you can buy one of these nifty devices, plug it into your counter, fill it with tons of ingredients, and forget about dinner. Your slow cooker keeps your food warm, so if you’re like me and end up running to the door most nights with a pack of hungry kids, you’ll have dinner at the table in minutes. I can.

3. Noise canceling headphones

Buying very expensive noise-cancelling headphones can cost you hundreds of dollars. But believe me when I say you don’t need the most expensive pair, you can buy yourself some noise-isolating headphones for as little as $60 to $80. If you’re trying to work from home, don’t let screaming kids or barking dogs in the background distract you.

4. Electric toothbrush

As a cavity-prone person, I have often lamented the fact that even brushing and flossing didn’t spare me an extra trip to the dentist. However, suddenly I was not diagnosed with cavities at every dental cleaning.

A good quality electric toothbrush can be purchased for about $50. It might take some getting used to (which was the case with me), but it might pay for itself well in the form of cheaper dental bills and worsening.

5. Insulated coffee mug

I often admit to buying my coffee out of the house.

Before I bought an insulated mug, I had to reheat my coffee in the microwave regularly many times. Now, just close the lid on the mug and your coffee will stay warm for hours. At around $30, the insulated mug is a must-have if you want your daily coffee, but you tend to sip it rather than guzzle it.

A series of smart investments

Sometimes I feel guilty about buying things for myself, but all of these purchases are well worth the money. So it’s worth considering adding them to your list.

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