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Imagine this: You’ve finally taken the big step to launch the company you’ve always dreamed of. Maybe the local bakery that sells the sweets my friends always rave about. Maybe it’s the blog where you share your best interiors advice. In her The Everygirl Podcast this week, we talk more about how she manages her busy life with these two badass co-founders of hers.

Lattimore and Cannon founded LAKE Pajamas in 2014 and quickly found success with their casual pajama designs and baby-soft pima cotton. But entrepreneurship hasn’t always been easy. When they first launched his LAKE, both of them were balancing his different career paths and a new baby. They had to work hard to expand their business, set boundaries between work and home life, and consistently grow their brand after a successful launch. Read Anne Read Lattimore and Cassandra Cannon’s 3 tips to prevent entrepreneurial burnout. Plus, listen to this week’s episode of The Everygirl Podcast to find out how they grew their business and get career tips from the Power Her duo.

1. Hire kind people

When Lattimore and Cannon launched LAKE, their adoption was slow. They worked together in the early days of the business at home, on babies, and everything. When it came time to expand the LAKE Pajamas team, the two decided to hire jack-of-all-trades workers to help with the business. “The quality of the internal team here has really helped us grow,” Lattimore said. “We’ve both made a conscious decision to hire kind people all along.” It was part of the business model. As Cannon advised, a good demeanor is much more important than a long resume.

When it comes to starting your own business, consider the fact that you are probably not the only one who does all the work for a long time. Think about what you want the skill to do. What kind of attitudes do you need to best shape your work environment?As Lattimore and Cannon noted, building a great team of colleagues is essential to an entrepreneur’s healthy work-life balance. It can make a big difference.

2. Set boundaries between work and home

Working from home can have a significant impact on work-life balance, as Lattimore and Cannon experienced when they first launched LAKE. “In the beginning, we were a little too ambitious considering we could work with babies all around us,” Lattimore said. I am more conscious of separating my work and home life completely in order to keep myself safe. They maintain a flexible schedule but prioritize setting aside time blocks for both work and family. Thank you very much,” Cannon said. “That means I can get everything done at work so I can go home and take care of my kids.”

Setting firm boundaries between work and home is essential to avoid unproductive entrepreneurial days and nights. As Lattimore and Cannon emphasized in their interviews, this doesn’t mean you have to miss key moments in either field. What’s more, however, is that you can feel the benefits of drawing those boundaries and blocking out your time.

3. Stay confident in your product

As an entrepreneur, impostor syndrome can be intense. Lattimore and Canon believe a large part of their success as a brand lies in their ability to remain confident in their designs, even with little experience in the clothing industry. Knowing that, I was able to keep the company’s vision on track. “Our first set had some recognition. They were giftable items unlike any other pajama on the market,” Lattimore said. , knew that the quality of pajamas would be a major draw for consumers.Cannon believes confidence in the product is a key factor in the low-stress mindset for LAKE.

Entrepreneurship can feel intimidating at times, but as Ann Reed Lattimore and Cassandra Cannon emphasize, having confidence in your business can go a long way. Knowing how great your brand can be can help you avoid the impostor syndrome that often leads to burnout when you’re just starting out. Treat it as if you were selling a new business venture.

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