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Minister of Finance and Economic Opportunity Mireille Wenger joins Lindyl Ntsabo, Deputy Mayor of the City of Oberstrand on a tour of the Old Port Museum to watch and walk whales with the world-famous Whale Cryer Did. Along the Cliff Road to see Hermanus’ art installations.

“The Old Harbor Museum is a treasure trove of great facts and interactive exhibits about whales. The museum has upgraded exhibits to include a whale sound exhibit, a submarine exhibit, informational panels, a ‘build a whale’ puzzle, and a whale video game To do so, it received funding from the Ministry of Economic Development and Tourism. Wenger said.

Brendel Adams of the Old Harbor Museum said: This is part of the Cape Whale Coast Hopespot, which stretches for 200km from Roy Hells to Quoyne His Point and is known for its incredibly lively and visible whale visits. The museum offers family-friendly experiences so that Hermanus and Oberstrand remain a world-class and competitive choice for travelers. No less than five blue flag beaches are dotted along this pristine coastline. Where else can you see southern right whales so close? No wonder Hermanus is known for some of the best land-based whale watching in the world. ”

Notable upcoming events include:

  • September 21-24 – Hanklip Kleinmond Ceramic Festival
  • September 24th and 25th – Fynbos Festival, Fernkloof Nature Reserve, Hermanus
  • September 30-October 2 – Hermanus Whale Festival
  • September 29th to October 2nd – Stanford Culinary
  • October 2 – Hermanus Art in the Park (first Sunday of each month)
  • Hermanus hosts the Hermanus First Friday ArtWalk on the first Friday of every month. Over 20 galleries he is open until 20:00.

Deputy Mayor Lindile Ntsabo said:

Minister Wenger commented: “I really enjoyed talking with Dr. Els Vermeulen about her research on these majestic aquatic mammals. We were lucky enough to watch mothers and calves splashing in the bay. I was able to.”

Dr. Els Vermeulen is Research Manager of the Whale Unit at the University of Pretoria. The unit is part of the University’s renowned Mammal Institute, an internationally established whale and dolphin research hub. “

“We are pleased to welcome the Minister of Hermanus and not only introduce our beautiful town, but also tell her about the unique tourism opportunities that this region offers, mainly based on the whales that visit these shores. The large whales that inhabit Walker Bay are of great importance to our country, not only from a socio-economic point of view, but also from a heritage and cultural point of view. We strongly believe that by understanding, we (research, community and tourism departments) will work together to deliver amazing whale-based experiences for domestic and international visitors, leading to increased education, awareness and revenue for our town. , ultimately all the factors that are important for the proper conservation of animals that form the backbone of everything,” said Dr. Els Vermeulen.

Wenger continued:

“Throughout my visit to Hermanus, many visitors were out and about, and there was tangible buzz. This is great news for the tourism and hospitality industry in the region,” Wenger concludes.

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