Instagram Live tends to be an effective format that helps stabilize and strengthen connections with potential customers and investors. I use it as a place to collect points. If you buy the live view option on Instagram, you’ll be experimenting with an interesting way to manually improve your rating position.

However, even those who believe they can afford it need to create the right strategies for organic growth. Otherwise, no matter how much money you pay, nothing will work. You can improve your IG Live View using the advice provided in this article.

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What is Instagram Live?

This unique option on Insta gives you the chance to create content in real-time mode, so you can communicate with your audience on another level and get more views on IG Live. The stream icon appears in your app’s story line, before every story section, every time you start a stream.

While some question the value of Instagram Live Streaming in their brand promotion strategy, startups shouldn’t ignore it as it’s another chance to connect with their audience.

go to an event

Industry events that you and your team attend are a great way to make followers part of your journey. And this is basically the definitive type of content for gathering views on Instagram Live. Attending exhibitions and conventions is attractive and helps provide more authentic content to your audience. increase.

Use invitations as an opportunity to impress your audience, build a connection with them, and showcase your product in real-time mode. You can even invite your IG followers to go to such events together! It’s an idea.

Hold regular Q&A sessions

Instagram Live reveals the true story of your brand and giving your audience the freedom to ask whatever they want is a great idea. By enabling users to answer any question, they increase their confidence in your product. Also, having regular meetings leads to more live streaming of his Insta views, better performance on IG, and better ratings.

Note that the number of viewers is meant to be less than on-air activity. Your performance needs an active audience to write comments and engage with your content. Because that’s what the Instagram algorithm is for.

talk about your brand

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Of course, your main goal is to attract people to sell your product. But on Insta, I have the opportunity to talk less informally and expose different aspects of my work, especially in order to collect more live views.

Promotion on social platforms is storytelling, so if you live on IG, use this opportunity to share more information about your project or team with your followers and present it in a more accessible and understandable format is needed.

Promote your broadcast

To increase Instagram live views, you need to motivate people to watch on time. Use all the options Insta offers. Start promoting your live show at least one week in advance of your schedule. Your best friend here is the countdown sticker that you can use in story mode.

To motivate your users, share some tips on what to deliver. To increase the number of live Instagram views by fans on other platforms, create specific posts to cross-promote upcoming events.

Another way to increase your startup’s view rate is to ask followers of that page what they would like to hear from you. Let them share their ideas and use them in your IG live sessions to get more views and win their love and trust. When people see that you are sincere and keep your promises, they will appreciate your brand more and be more motivated to buy your products and invest in your progress.

analyze everything

To understand what is really interesting to your target audience, you need to study their behavior on the platform. Luckily, Instagram offers businesses enough features to analyze the growth of their startups. Use the insights provided by the app to define key statistics that characterize your live streaming performance.

Through analytics, learn how to improve your work and get more out of your next broadcast. Be careful what people tell you. Asking them about your performance is also a great idea. Read through the feedback we receive and adjust your strategy accordingly to get more Insta Live Views.

provide value

To get more people to watch your stream, it’s best to offer something worth paying attention to. Share valuable insights and inspiration, tips, and hacks from your industry. please give me.

You can film your workshop or publish your production process as proof of your item’s quality and brand value. Maximize your live stream views and help increase sales. The whole idea of ​​the startup brand live streaming is communication and connecting with the audience.

Still, people will only lose interest if you don’t offer anything, so you need to balance their material desires with your desire to expose your brand. It’s also a great way to collect , but you should have a well-thought-out plan for delivering them to avoid all kinds of drama and speculation.

go to dialogue

It’s important to provide the right level of communication and listen carefully to the feedback you receive. Be careful in the comments section and reply properly. Listening to your followers is the most efficient way to improve your performance and maximize your Insta live views.

User behavior has always been a key factor as it is the only thing that influences Instagram ratings. Therefore, it is best to choose a theme for your stream that is likely to provoke further discussion. please.


Live streaming on social media, especially Instagram, is an effective way to include in your startup’s promotion strategy. Offering direct and informal communication, IG Live serves as a channel for improving relationships with customers and investors.

Through broadcasts, you can expose more personal appeal and introduce your Instagram audience to industry secrets that make your brand an integral part of your life. Experiment with your ideas, bring them to life, and share them with your audience in real-time mode.

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