The government has declared the day an official holiday so that people can pay their respects. That means all banks, the London Stock Exchange, government offices and most businesses will be closed.

A short notice — the holiday was confirmed a week in advance — is also Some hospitals have postponed non-urgent procedures.

Mondays are different from most public holidays in the UK in other ways. Hospitality and retail outlets that have remained open to profit from the surge in demand are closing in honor of the late monarch.
A slowdown in business activity could hit the UK economy in difficult times. The two-day public holiday in June, which marks the 70th anniversary of the Queen’s accession to the throne, contributed to a 0.6% decline in economic output for the month, according to the Office for National Statistics.

Danny Hewson, an analyst at investment firm AJ Bell, told CNN Business that although the economic impact is difficult to estimate, the UK is “already heading into recession, so any hit to productivity will come at a price. ” he said.

Below are a few businesses that are unusually closed for the day and some that remain open.

something open

Cinema chain Vue will keep some venues open for live funeral screenings, unlike its main rival. The broadcast will begin at 10am and she will cover the service at Westminster Abbey and part of the Queen’s coffin procession for three hours.

Viewers do not have to pay for tickets and will be provided with free bottled water, but will not be able to purchase popcorn or other snacks or beverages.

However, many of the country’s pubs will serve drinks while broadcasting funerals.

Greene King is the UK’s largest chain with over 2,700 pubs in England, Wales and Scotland.A company spokesperson told CNN Business The venue will open on Monday “for the community to come together to mourn and reflect together on the Queen’s life”.

JD Wetherspoon, a popular chain with about 840 pubs nationwide, told CNN Business that most of its pubs It will be closed during the funeral, but will reopen at around 1:00 pm. Train stations and airports will remain open.

London hotels are already doing a great deal of business, drawing people from all over the world to the capital. Many are currently fully booked, but in some cases room rates have tripled.

travelodge, The company, which operates 78 budget hotels in London, said staff were working “around the clock” for the Queen’s funeral.

“[Our] Central London and Windsor hotels are literally sold out, and there is increasing demand for hotels located near train and tube stations across Greater London,” a spokesperson told CNN Business.

The UK road and rail networks are expected to be busy. However, some failures may occur.

London’s Heathrow Airport is changing flight schedules by 15% to reduce noise in central London while funerals are taking place.

that are closed

Big Macs and pizza can be hard to find.all McDonald’s (MCD) About 1,200 locations across the UK will be closed until 5pm on Monday.

Most of Pizza Hut’s restaurants and delivery locations will be closed until 2 p.m. Monday after the funeral, a company spokesperson confirmed to CNN Business.

Greggs, a popular bakery with more than 2,000 stores, said some of its franchises could remain open but would close.

Besides the view, Most cinemas, including those operated by Cineworld and Odeon, have closed, and many of London’s West End theaters have canceled shows such as Hamilton, Mary Poppins and The Phantom of the Opera.

Brits may also want to stock up on some additional groceries this weekend.

Most of the major supermarkets, which usually operate with reduced hours on public holidays, will be closed for the funeral.

Tesco (TSCDF)The country’s largest supermarket chain will close its large stores for the day. A small shop opens in the evening. Other major supermarket chains, including Sainsbury’s, Aldi and Morrisons, also said they would close.
Other retailers planning to close include Harrods, IKEA, H&M (Honey)John Lewis, Argos, Primark.
apple (AAPL) CNN Business has confirmed that it will be closing all 39 stores nationwide on Monday.
Fortnum & Masons, Harrods, Apple, IKEA and many other retailers will be closed.

Marks & Spencer also said it would close its stores for the rest of the day, with a few exceptions in central London.

The company said on its website, “With millions of mourners expected on the day, we will open a handful of stores in London and the Windsor area to support those who purchase food and snacks in a respectful manner.

— Morgan Povey, Jordan Valinsky, Alex Hardie, Sharon Braithwaite, and Tamara Hardingham-Gill contributed to the report.

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