From left: Jamie Stewart, Executive Director of VT Economic Development Corporation.
Jessica Cook, Finance and Human Resources Manager, Ivy Computer.
Bill Shepeluk, Waterbury Town Manager, George Pierce, President of Ivy Computer.
Joan Goldstein, Commissioner, Vermont Department of Economic Development.
John Henle, Administration and Facilities Manager at Ivy Computer.
Michael Keane, Vice Chairman of the Vermont Economic Progress Council.
Teresa Wood, MP Waterbury

Vermont Business Magazine On September 14th, Ivy Computer hosted a groundbreaking ceremony to celebrate the construction of a new 22,000 square foot office building on its current campus. Representatives from several state agencies attended the celebration, including Joan Goldstein, Commissioner of the Vermont Economic Development Authority, and Jamie Stewart, Executive Director of the Vermont Economic Development Corporation.

Founded in 1986, Ivy Computer is a producer of specialized software tools for the trash transportation industry, most notably a business management product (Trash Flow) and a money processing platform (Trash Billing). Ivy’s continued strong growth has seen the company steadily increase hiring, and an increase in staff means it needs more space to accommodate that growth.

George Pearce, President of Ivy Computers, said: The new building will have climate-friendly geothermal heating and cooling, no fossil fuels and will be powered by the sun. It has plenty of natural light and is well insulated. “

Participation in the Vermont Job Growth Initiative (VEGI), a program organized by the Vermont Economic Development Corporation, will allow the project to move forward faster than originally anticipated. The VEGI program provides financial support to companies that are approved to earn incentives and meet performance requirements.

“Vermont has proven to be an excellent incubator for technology companies that create meaningful jobs and opportunities in communities across the state,” said Commissioner Goldstein. She continues, “VEGI’s support has enabled Ivy Computer to build and expand its headquarters, add employees, and take advantage of the need for additional space and capacity to expand its day-to-day operations.” increase.”

“At Ivy Computer, we are extremely proud to be part of the VEGI program and are dedicated to continuing to grow the company while making a positive contribution to Vermont’s economy. Current workforce of 61. is expected to approach 100 employees by 2025, and the new building will certainly improve productivity,” said Jessica Cook, finance and human resources manager at Ivy.

Ivy Computer has been ranked “Best Place to Work in Vermont” for the past four years in Vermont Business Magazine’s annual survey of current staff participants.

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Waterbury Center, Virginia – September 14, Ivy Computer

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