Praised by Elon Musk as “sustainable energy and accelerating autonomy,” Tesla produces a range of zero-emission electric vehicles that usher in a gasoline-free future. However, the company is not without its problems. Recent issues include accusations by his DMV that Tesla may be forced to rename one of its most popular features.

The way Tesla is selling its fully self-driving upgrade could mislead consumers

It's a Tesla dealership with a Tesla parked in front, possibly with Tesla's fully self-driving system.
Tesla Dealer | Getty Images

Introduced by Senator Lena Gonzalez in February and passed by the California legislature in September 2022, SB-1398 has the potential to change the way automakers sell “self-driving” cars. Specifically, new California law requires manufacturers of self-driving vehicles to inform consumers of the actual capabilities and limitations of assistive features such as partial driving automation. Tesla now markets this feature as an upgrade to its Autopilot computer called Full Self-Driving (FSD).

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