An Instagram user told FIJ: Owlettea social media marketing services provider, failed to deliver the 2,000 followers she paid for in August.

A user said she had placed two orders to buy 1,000 followers for a client who registered on the platform and paid her to help with the transaction.

The plan she subscribed to, she said, is for accounts in Nigeria that sell for just under N5,000 per 1,000 followers. After waiting the stipulated 3 days, she got impatient and filed a complaint.

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“I emailed them and they accused me of ordering twice when the first order had not yet been delivered,” she told FIJ. I asked for a refund so I could take them to a place and they said ‘in due time’. “

On September 1st, the company emailed her that the delay was due to Instagram policy and that the order would take longer than expected.

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Owlet’s response to Jemgem

On Sept. 6, the company replied to her again, saying, “The reason your order had this issue was because you made multiple orders with the same link while there were still pending orders.” .

FIJ called the phone number listed on the company’s website, but was hung up at the time of writing. FIJ also messaged the company’s Instagram handle, but received no response as of press time.

Purchasing followers is prohibited by Instagram’s Community Guidelines. They said, “Do not offer money or money giveaways in exchange for likes, followers, comments or other engagement. Do not post content that encourages, encourages, or endorses.”

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