Friday is Mexican Independence Day. Celebrate the cry for independence from Spain on September 16, 1810.

A reminder that the spirit of freedom helps Hispanics here in the Coachella Valley stay connected to their homeland.

Several Latino-owned businesses can be found throughout the valley. One of them is La Quinta’s Shoden Juku, a martial arts program for those with special needs.

“I started when I was 3 years old [years old] my father was my teacher,” said owner Tamara Kanedo Lifshutz Sensei. Karate has always been a big part of her life… her legacy.

“For me, being able to spread my name, my culture, my business is a great opportunity for young people to be proud of their culture.” As a Latina business owner, she shares that knowledge through what she loves. can tell

“A lot of my family speaks only Spanish, so it was really nice. Being able to communicate with them and share their culture is a complete blessing for us,” explained Kaned Lifshutz.

Every day she teaches karate to students from different backgrounds. Throughout her journey as a teacher, she has also founded a non-profit organization. She found a way to bring her own experiences back to Mexico. “The first thing I wanted to do was partner with a Mexico-based orphanage, so for about a year I taught only those with special needs at an orphanage in Mexico. It was incredible.”

At Indio, Myrna Mendiola is also passionate about working with children.

“Being able to provide a safe place away from home just reassures them that you know them and know it will work,” Mendiola said.

The owner of Little Fox Play Den Childcare, she said her business all started with being a mother. Mendiola said growing up Latina taught her how to appreciate her work ethic. “We are very united. We are teaching our children to take care of themselves.”

Mendiola’s parents were born in Mexico. She tells me that seeing the struggles they endured makes her appreciate her culture even more. , our generation is trying to get better so that other generations can get better too.

Working in a daycare, she not only teaches children the basics, but also helps them carry on her legacy. So it had a lot of features rolled into one and they loved it.”

The annual Fiestas Patrias will take place at Coachella on Saturday, September 17th.

The event takes place at Coachella’s Rancho Las Flores Park from 3pm to 10pm and is open to the public.

Attendees can enjoy live music, traditional Fiesta Patrias ceremonies, a variety of cultural food booths, an open beer garden, informative exhibits, and games for children. The event is an opportunity to celebrate Mexican culture and reach large audiences with his one-day, grassroots-style event.

Sister stations Telemundo 15 and La Poderosa are sponsoring the event.

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