Selling on Amazon is a preferred option for small businesses looking to grow or gain traction as independent sellers can set their own prices for their products and merchandise.

TikTok via @yamie_the_realtor

TikTok via @yamie_the_realtor

However, some sellers code by outsourcing their products from wholesalers or discount retailers who can buy bulk products cheaper, resell them at a higher price, and make a profit with minimal effort. seems to be deciphering the

Yamie Michelin, one of TikTokers, detailed how she made $15,000 a month on Amazon by selling items from discount store Marshalls at much higher prices.

Michelin, who uses @yamie_the_realtor on TikTok, was the first to say she was searching for items in discount stores. In one instance, she purchased two of her primers from Sephora found at Marshalls for her $3.99 and each of those items she resold for $22.54.

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According to Michelin, to see how much you can resell an item on Amazon, you can use Amazon’s scanner app to scan the barcode of the item at the store you want to buy it from and see how much the item sells for on the website. Instantly see if

She says you should consider how much it will cost to ship the item before deciding whether to purchase it to resell.

Michelin now sells its own e-book and teaches others how to successfully buy and resell on Amazon.

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However, some were unhappy with Michelin’s business tactics, pointing out to her why Amazon’s “products are sketchy.”

“I will never buy skincare from Amazon again,” said one user.

But it doesn’t seem to have surprised Michelin and her hundreds of fans who have enlisted her help to start their own businesses.

According to her TikTok, Michelin was paid up to $7,000 per paycheck once every two weeks and started with just $300.

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Michelin tells viewers: than the purchase price. “

The best stores, she argues, are Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, Walmart (clearance section), and checkout stores.

But selling on Amazon is just a side job for her.

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