Salesforce announced a set of new automation capabilities for marketing, commerce, service, and sales products this week.

Marketing Cloud’s Account Engagement API enhancements are designed to automate personalization and engagement. This is achieved through a new integration of the company’s CDP and external segmentation tools.

Users can now create and share segments within CDP, enrich them with additional account attributes for personalization, and drive engagement across channels. For example, businesses can engage freemium software users with personalized enterprise software upgrade journeys across video, email, and mobile.

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Other upgrades include:

  • Composable Storefronts in Commerce CloudThis allows retailers to take a headless approach to commerce while offloading the management of site hosting, security and scalability. Users can create flexible custom her commerce experiences and deliver them to any device or application without adding expensive architecture.
  • store associate The app gives retailers quick access to customer insights and inventory levels. It is designed to create a more personalized shopping experience through in-store ship-to-store functionality, in-store online pickup purchases, and omnichannel inventory visibility.
  • Contact Center in Service Cloud wants to improve agent productivity and efficiency with a unified agent desktop across all channels and AI-powered recommendations.
  • Service Catalog Automate frequent service requests such as refunds and subscription plan changes. Customers can make these requests through a storefront-like experience.
  • flow automation pack Automate the life cycle of a variety of tasks, such as incident ticket management and customer onboarding processes.
  • Einstein Bots for Sales Answer customer questions, connect to the right people via Slack, automatically schedule meetings, and more.
  • enablement Track your sales reps’ achievement milestones, provide training programs in their workflow, and ensure they’re up to date on the latest product features and new selling techniques.

why we careInflation, supply chain problems, and labor shortages require companies to use all the automation tools available. Businesses know this. 91% of organizations say they need automation technology, but only 23% have actually implemented it. Salesforce seems to be focused on helping with this.

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