Kevin Iredell Chief Marketing Officer lowenstein sandlerwas elected as the next president International Board of Legal Marketing Association. The nominee list will be approved on September 2, 2022, and the newly elected continuing officers and directors will begin their terms on January 1, 2023.

Iredell was previously a member of the LMA’s Northeast Region Executive Committee and a General Member of the International Board of Directors. He will serve as Association President from January 2024.

“Innovations in technology, data and analytics are driving explosive and exciting growth in the field of law firm marketing,” says Iredel. “The LMA is a valuable way for professionals across the industry to share best practices, experiences and solutions, enabling us all to continually hone our knowledge and extend our services to the legal profession. I look forward to working with esteemed peers and providing many opportunities to meet, learn and network as we develop important programs and resources.”

The firm’s chief operating officer, Joseph P. Palermo, said: “We know he will bring the same creativity, energy and results to his LMA that he brings every day to Lowenstein Sandler, who has contributed to the company’s positive growth and brand positioning.”

As Lowenstein’s CMO, Iredell creates and executes strategic plans for the company and practice groups, and leads the marketing and business development team through strategic resource allocation, creative campaigns, and marketing technology platform optimization to drive business growth. We are driving the growth of the entire unit.

Founded in 1985, the Legal Marketing Association (LMA) is the universal voice of legal marketing and business development professionals, serving companies of all sizes, consultants, vendors, attorneys, and others, from CMOs to entry-level specialists. professional marketers and marketing students come together to share knowledge. The LMA has eight regions and over 40 local groups in the United States, Canada and Europe, with members from 48 states and over 20 countries in the United States. Over 90% of the 200 largest US law firms employ her LMA members. Members at all stages of career development benefit from participating in the LMA’s various programs and services.

About Lowenstein Sandler LLP
Lowenstein Sandler is a national law firm of over 350 attorneys based in New York, Palo Alto, New Jersey, Utah and Washington, DC. The firm represents leaders in virtually every sector of the global economy, with a particular focus on investment funds and life sciences. , and technology. Known for its entrepreneurial spirit and high standards of customer service, the company is committed to the interests of its customers, colleagues and communities.

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