The influx of complex, custom-made drinks from Starbucks customers is stressing baristas as stores are not equipped to make these complex drinks quickly.

Jen Moreno/VIEWpress

Jen Moreno/VIEWpress

That’s why Starbucks announced at an investor conference in Seattle on Tuesday that it will invest $450 million to improve the efficiency of its stores, including opening 2,000 new locations by 2025.

APs Drive-thru orders account for 50% of Starbucks sales in the US, and demand for delivery is reported to be up an estimated 24%. Customizable cold drinks account for an estimated 75% of beverage orders in the US.

Additionally, store designs that haven’t changed since the coffeehouse’s heyday aren’t aligned with what today’s consumers want: faster and more efficient coffee pickup.

The company rolls out the Siren System (named after the iconic logo character), a new workstation set up for baristas that “significantly reduces the time and steps involved in making cold drinks.”

In 2023, Starbucks will also introduce a cold-press cold brew system that promises to deliver cold-press coffee to customers in seconds, which currently requires a 20-hour, 20-step process.

Meanwhile, Starbucks is doubling down on deliveries by expanding its partnership nationwide with food delivery company DoorDash, which it plans to roll out in fiscal 2023.

“Guided directly by our partners, we have begun to take action on an inspiring roadmap for building the future of Starbucks, while also improving our community through our shared love of coffee, We remain true to our mission to further expand our leadership and innovation,” Interim CEO Howard Schultz said in a company release.

Starbucks also plans to increase employee benefits and benefits, including increased sick time and mental health support, more digital chip opportunities, and student loan management benefits.

The company did not specify exactly where and how the $450 million will be distributed.

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