Yahoo When Citibank formed a team life and moneyis a dedicated personal finance hub for a diverse audience, providing fresh perspectives on money and preparing them for their financial journeys at different life stages. Hosted by Singapore’s Yahoo Finance – the #1 Source for Domestic Business and Financial News – life and money Citibank shares expert insights and tips on personal finance with our readers.

Financial literacy in Singapore highest in Southeast Asia, rapid changes in the financial environment, technological advances, changes in lifestyle habits and life expectancy continue to fuel interest in personal finance, building their aspirations. There is no shortage of information available online, but Singaporeans are becoming increasingly sensitive to their finances and looking for reliable sources and content.

Life and Money aims to empower readers in managing their finances and thinking about the future, featuring an exceptionally curated selection of original content co-contributed by Citibank and relevant content from Yahoo Finance. Feature aggregated content. With insightful explainers accessible in a variety of multimedia formats such as articles, videos, and podcasts, the hub covers a wide range of personal finance and lifestyle topics. , achieving work-life balance, living sustainably, raising children, and other personal financial and lifestyle concerns.

Content focused on helping readers live financially, physically, and emotionally rich lives addresses misconceptions, inspires new lifestyle habits, and is practical for readers at different life stages. We provide recommendations, including first-time job seekers seeking financial independence, beginning families buying their dream home, mid-career professionals advancing through milestones, and planning their ideal retirement. Includes veteran achievers who are

“As the leading source of financial news, Yahoo is focused on providing news and information that helps give readers the confidence to make smart financial decisions. We are excited to build empowering content and foster meaningful connections with audiences seeking rich insights to help them achieve financial empowerment and live the lifestyle they desire.” .

“Our partnership will not only provide our readers with the opportunity to access the latest personal finance insights and tips from Citibank, but also better serve our clients with an additional source of trusted finance-related content. Mirren Ong, Head of Digital Sales and Marketing at Citibank Singapore, said:

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