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You can learn more about money from these experts.

Key Point

  • Watching personal finance content is a great way to learn more about money while having fun.
  • Let the creators of TikTok and money experts like Tori Dunlap, John Liang, and Erika Kullberg guide you in improving your financial situation.

If you like video content, TikTok is a great social media platform for learning about subjects that interest you. Many creators share their financial knowledge through this popular app. Looking for ways to improve your money habits and want to learn by watching videos?His TikTok money expert below is worth following.

Tori is a money expert and TikTok creator with over 2 million followers. Through her brand, Her First 100k, Tori promotes financial equality, empowering women to make more money and help them make the informed decisions they need to fight patriarchy. We provide resources. Her videos discuss investment strategies, credit her card benefits, budgeting tips, debt repayment, and salary negotiations.

John uses TikTok to share various personal finance tips. His videos touch on many financial issues. Examples include the importance of emergency funds, how to pay for travel using travel his credit miles on his card, how to earn cash his back by shopping online, steps to achieve financial independence. And so on. His quick, informative and easy-to-understand videos have earned him a following of 2 million TikTok users.

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Michela is another TikTok money expert who shares tips and tricks to help her viewers make smart money choices. Her target audience is millennials. She discusses many personal finance topics including investments, budgeting, side hustle and financial freedom.

She also shares money stories from her viewers explaining how her followers spend their money each month. She then offers advice on how she can improve spending, savings, debt repayment, and investment strategies.

Erika is a lawyer and personal finance expert with nearly 9 million followers. Through her TikTok videos, she uses her legal experience to bring viewers into everyday situations. She explains how the company’s terms and conditions can be used to your advantage. The average person doesn’t check the terms and conditions carefully, so her content can be informative, helpful, and help you earn rewards, giveaways, or other perks.

Nick is a Certified Financial Planner and TikTok Personal Finance Content Creator with a loyal following. He covers subjects related to investments, shopping hacks, travel hacks, cryptocurrencies, taxes and credit cards. Nick explains important financial topics in his videos in a fun and entertaining way by performing skits. He also talks about common money mistakes so viewers can take steps to avoid financial pitfalls.

Taylor is a Gen Z creator who helps young people learn more about important financial issues. Her videos cover money issues like how to get a raise, budget shopping tricks, remote work opportunities, side hustle ideas, how to pay off debt, investment tips, and more. Her content is helpful if you want to start preparing yourself for financial success early.

TikTok is a great place if you want to entertain. But you can also use this social media app to your advantage by learning about important money topics from money experts. Check out our personal finance resources for additional money tips.

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